Advancing Economic Empowerment of Women: An Analysis from the Field

24 Mar 2014


As in many sub-Saharan African countries, the informal economy in Liberia provides work, income and livelihood for a vast majority of population, in particular poor women and their families. One of the largest groups that operate in Liberia-who constitute over 85% of the sector. The growth of this sector, however, has not received much attention neither its potential to combat poverty been fully appreciated. As a result the causes and plights of market women, who often go unheard and women continue to face challenges and are forced to work in deplorable conditions.
This report presents an analysis of SMWF and the findings of the enquiry. In specific terms the report outlines the follow-ing: (i) the uniqueness of SMWF as a model to empower mar-ket women; (ii) key concerns of market women and the re-sponsiveness of SMWF; (iii) challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations for further actions.

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