Environment and Energy

Eritrea is vulnerable to droughts, floods, increased variability in rainfall patterns and/or reduced precipitation, soil erosion, desertification and land degradation. UNDP works with the Government in addressing environmental challenges and meeting its obligations under the Conventions on Biological Diversity, the Convention to Combat Desertification, and the UN Convention on Climate Change.

Our Goals

UNDP is assisting the Government’s effort to bridge the capacity gap. This support is focused on strengthening the ability of national institutions to establish the management systems of protected areas, restoration of forests, mangrove and biodiversity species protection system, sustainable land management (SLM) system, and reduction of forest deterioration through the promotion of improved cooking stoves. more

Sustainable Environmental Practices

A farmers learn sustainable agricultural practices, while improving food security and reducing water usage.more

Our Stories

Windmills are providing alternative energy for rural communities across Eritrea
Communities in Eritrea benefit from renewable wind energy

Eritrea, located in the Horn of Africa, has a limited supply of traditional forms of energy, such as coal, oil or petroleum. Much of the countrymore 

United Nations staff members inspect the solar panels after installation.
A shining new example for Eritrea

Over the last two years, power outages in Eritrea have made it very difficult for United Nations office in the capital Asmara to function continuously andmore 

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