Eight Goals for 2015


 Eritrean women water tree seedlings. UNDP works with local communities on agricultural and food security challenges as it seeks to help Eritrea meet MDG 7 targets. (Photo: UNDP Eritrea)

As one of the UN specialized agencies focusing on Development, UNDP has a mandate of supporting countries in their development path, and to coordinate the UN System at the country level. In this endeavour, UNDP has been partnering with the Eritrean Government since 1992 supporting and coordinating various rehabilitation, reconstruction and development interventions in capacity development, institution building, governance, pro-poor economic growth and sustainable livelihoods, gender equality and women empowerment, health, safe water supply and sanitation, as well as food security and environmental sustainability.

UNDP support in health, safe water supply, food security and sustainable livelihoods and environment has contributed to improvements in access to safe drinking water, access to water for agriculture, relatively good health outcomes, and although data are still lacking, Eritrea is on track towards the achievement of MDG 7 for environmental sustainability. 

The Government of Eritrea has initiated the process of preparing the Second MDG Report; the first having been finalized in 2005. The implementation of this exercise will generate more up-to-date data on the MDGs, thereby providing a platform for assessment of progress of MDGs in Eritrea based on a more current data. The UNDP Country Office Eritrea is prepared to facilitate the exercise. 

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