Crisis Prevention & Recovery

Building resilience to conflicts and disasters is at the very heart of UNDP's work. Globally UNDP helps countries prevent armed conflict, alleviate the risk and effects of disasters from natural hazards and build back better and stronger when crises happen. UNDP ensures that while the humanitarian response focuses on the immediate lifesaving needs of a population, those responsible also work towards longer-term development objectives.

On the Ground

UNDP has responded to crises in Eritrea by a setting up the Recovery Programme Management Unit and beginning implementation of the Post War Eritrean Recovery Programme. The UNDP Recovery Unit has also been closely involved in crisis prevention planning, and has participated and provided input in the development of critical poverty reduction and food security strategies.more

Building Back. Better.

A decade ago, 1.9 million people in Eritrea depended on humanitarian assistance. UNDP works with the Eritrean Government to help rebuild infrastructure and access to social services.more

Our Stories

Farmers make the most of improved food security thanks to a new micro dam, part of a $1.2 million UNDP food security project.
Dams boost income for Eritrean farmers, improve food security

On arrival at Lamka village on the outskirts of Asmara, one may be tempted to think it is deserted. The movement of people is limited andmore 

Traditional dispute resolution systems, like this one in Kenya are important part of maintaining access to justice for many Eritreans.
UNDP supports traditional dispute resolution in Eritrea

Absent formal judicial systems, traditional justice systems and customary practices are critical to ensuring that people have access to justice. In Eritrea, many rural communities deniedmore 

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