Support to Higher Education in Technical Institutions

Higher EducationThe Orotto School of Medicine, in Asmara, Eritrea.

UNDP will support the Government in its efforts to address the human resources gaps in these technical areas by facilitating access to and placement of professionals in the higher technical institutions to enhance their instructional and teaching capacity. The support for the identified areas of study will be done through the recruitment of professionals and provision of laboratory equipment.

Support will be provided to the Orotta School of Medicine and this will be done throughthe recruitment of teaching professionals for placement in the various areas of the school. In addition, laboratory equipment will be provided to help enhance the instructional and institutional capacity of the school.

Project Outputs

Enhanced capacity of the Eritrean Institute of Technology to provide advanced training in priority areas of study-Geology, Mining engineering, Medicine, etc. 8 professionals will be recruited to update the current curriculum for Geology and Mining Engineering and to fill the existing gap in the Orotta School of Medicine. 

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