Democratic Governance

Democratic GovernanceUNDP works with the Government of Eritrea on building stronger institutions, and increased national capacity. (Photo: UNDP Eritrea)
  • At the time of Independence, Eritrea did not have its own civil law system in place. The only legal instruments available were those introduced by the Ethiopian government, which did not reflect the socio-cultural and traditional values of the Eritrean society. In the interim, Eritrea adopted, with some amendments, the Ethiopian civil law system as provisional measure to developing its own legal system.

  • The project support to improve the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) through the procurement of necessary equipment and strengthening capacity of the Ministry of Health to provide quality coverage of and access to health care services.

  • UNDP will support the Government in its efforts to address the human resources gaps in these technical areas by facilitating access to and placement of professionals in the higher technical institutions to enhance their instructional and teaching capacity. The support for the identified areas of study will be done through the recruitment of professionals and provision of laboratory equipment.

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