Eritrea Millennium Development Goals Report 2005

30 Jun 2005


The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) comprise eight global objectives, each with one or more quantitative targets. They encompass the reduction of poverty and hunger, and improvements in health, education, gender equality, the environment and other aspects of human welfare, as well as global partnerships for achieving the targets. They are a major subset of the national development goals of Eritrea.

This is the first Millennium Development Goals Report (MDGR) for Eritrea. The report is an important instrument for assessing progress and prospects and mobilizing people and resources to implement the required policies and programmes to achieve the MDGs. Eritrea’s promising start on the road to socio-economic development suffered a severe setback as a result of the border war with Ethiopia. In spite of this, progress has been made towards achievement of many of the MDGs. However, challenges remain in a number of areas.

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