Preventing Crisis, Enabling Recovery

14 Oct 2013

2012 Review of UNDP's Work in Conflict and Disaster-affected Countries

Empowering people in the face of disasters and conflicts is no easy task for any nation. Through its crisis prevention and recovery activities, UNDP helps build resilience, reduce the impact of disasters, and accelerate recovery from shocks. In many places around the world where conflicts and disasters escalated in 2012, we saw how crises can undermine development investment and cause terrible human suffering, especially in communities that are fragile and lack resilience.
During 2012, UNDP was active in 97 countries in assisting households, communities, and governments to prevent, confront, and respond to conflicts and disasters. Many of the stories from affected communities of survival, resilience, and determination to rebuild are inspirational. As a development agency, our work in crisis prevention and preparedness is about building fences at the top of a cliff, rather than placing ambulances at the bottom. Our work in recovery creates a bridge from emergency relief to sustainable development, so that communities can build back better and have greater resilience to future shocks.

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